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    Food Additives – The Ones to Avoid

    By Mark Schauss | June 5, 2008

    Jean Weiss wrote an interesting article for MSN Health & Fitness about the 12 Food Additives to Avoid. Sage advice from Ms. Weiss. One of the issues Tasya, my daughter has had to deal with is her sensitivity to a number of food additives, especially aspartame (a real neurotoxic poison) and food dyes.

    In many people, food sensitivities are a real issue and can cause everything from irritable bowel syndrome to migraines and seizures. Other people see an increase in pain due to arthritis due to the inflammatory reactions that foods can cause. Each person has a different array of foods that they are sensitive to and the only way to find out what you are sensitive to is the LEAP test. Here is what Tasya’s test looked like. If you are interested in finding out more about doing this test, you can contact me by email me at markschauss at gmail dot com.

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