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    Artificial Sweetners May Cause Type II Diabetes in Some

    Monday, May 10th, 2010

    My favorite science journal has to be Science News. It comes bi-weekly and it delivers synopsis of recent scientific findings in an easy to read manner. I’ve been getting it since 1984 and love it. A recent (March 27, 2010) article entitled Stomach’s Sweet Tooth, talks about recent finding that show that not only does […]

    Additives to Remove From Your Diet

    Thursday, July 9th, 2009

    Here’s a handy list of items that need removing from your diet. Read labels carefully and enjoy the good health you’ll achieve. 1. Sodium nitrite 2. BHA & BHT 3. Propyl gallate 4. Monosodium glutamate 5. Trans fats 6. Aspartame 7. Acesulfame-K 8. Food colorings (Blue & , Red , Green , Yellow ) 9. […]

    Eat Local, Eat Better

    Friday, April 3rd, 2009

    Eating locally is known to be better for our environment as well as our health and the local economy. The problem is finding those local co-ops, farmers markets and other resources. Well, look no further than the website Local Harvest. Here, you just type your city or zipcode into the search box and out comes […]

    How to Eat

    Monday, March 30th, 2009

    Michael Pollan, author of the must read books, The Omnivore’s Dilemma and The Botany of Desire, was interviewed by Daniel DeNoon over at WebMD recently. He made a fantastic list of 7 rules for eating which I think everyone should follow. If you do, it is sure to improve your health dramatically. The 7 rules […]

    Pesticides in Your Fruit and Vegetables – When to Buy Organic

    Thursday, March 12th, 2009

    As anyone who has ever been to one of my lectures can tell you, one of my favorite websites is the one for the Environmental Working Group. Well they just upped their usefullness by posting a listing of the fruits and vegetables with the highest and lowest levels of pesticides. If you print out the […]

    Organic and Locally Grown Food May Not be Humanities Answer

    Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

    Mother Jones is one of those cutting edge journalism magazines that uncovers truths in the world that are not so apparent. In a brilliantly written article by Paul Roberts, he makes the case that buying organic and locally grown foods while noble ideas, may not fix the food problems our world has. One quote from […]

    List of Problem Foods

    Friday, January 23rd, 2009

    What foods are high in PCBs, hormones, and pesticides? Here is a link to a sitethat lists the 10 worst foods.  As with any list of this kind, you need to weigh the risks and make your own decisions. Still the advice about avoiding non-organic strawberries (I don’t believe the stuff about feeding them NutraSweet […]

    The Truth About Weight Gain and Loss

    Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

     My mornings usually begin with a vigorous walk with my two dogs, Lexi and Samson. As we walk through the woods along the creek near my house, I listen to any number of podcasts about subjects ranging from science to history (my favorite being History According to Bob). Lately, I’ve been listening to the Stuff […]

    FDA Over the Moral Wall

    Thursday, December 18th, 2008

    In a stunning indictment, the Environmental Working Group, a Washington D.C. pro-environment lobby group, lambasted the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) for a recent uncovered secret document that stretches the imagination. The email that EWG sent out yesterday stunned even a jaded person like me. It read: “On Friday, December 12, the Environmental Working Group made […]

    LEAP MRT – A Tech Sheet on What the Test Does

    Friday, December 5th, 2008

    As anyone who has read my book or been to my other blog site – markschauss.com, knows, the LEAP MRT test by Signet Diagnostics helped save my daughter Tasya’s life. It was such an important tool in helping her not only control her seizures but in also helping to control her temper tantrums. We will […]

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