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    The Truth About Weight Gain and Loss

    By Mark Schauss | January 7, 2009

     My mornings usually begin with a vigorous walk with my two dogs, Lexi and Samson. As we walk through the woods along the creek near my house, I listen to any number of podcasts about subjects ranging from science to history (my favorite being History According to Bob). Lately, I’ve been listening to the Stuff You Should Know podcast from the people who run the website howstuffworks.com. 

    One page on their site caught my eye which answered the question “Why does the weight come back so quickly once I stop dieting?” It is probably the best information I’ve seen on the subject of weight gain, loss and answers, at least in my opinion, the vexing question of why do diets never seem to work long-term.

    Here is a brief bullet point list of what I got out of the page. Of course, you can just go to the page yourself and see what you take out of it.

    In my case, I want to get back down to 170 pounds. This means my daily caloric intake to stay at that weight is 2,040 per day. Since I am at 184 presently, and want to achieve my goal by June 1st, 2009, I need to run a deficit of 350 calories a day under the 2,040 or 1,690 calories a day.

    If I additionally exercise each day to the tune of burning 250 calories a day, I can either speed up my goal and achieve it on May 17th (14 days earlier [3600/250 = 14.4]), or I can eat 1,940 calories a day. Since I figure I’ll mess things up once in a while, I’ll go for the early plan.

    Bottom line is, diet’s work for the period of time you are on them. For a long lasting control, use the 12 calorie per pound theory and you may just get some success. Of course, if you are environmentally toxic, you might need to change that to 11 or even 10 calories per pound as the toxins can lower your metabolic rate enough to make it more difficult to lose weight and maintain it until you detoxify enough.

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    One Response to “The Truth About Weight Gain and Loss”

    1. Darcy Starr Says:
      June 4th, 2009 at 4:52 pm

      Hi Dr. Schauss ~ First, thank you for all the information you help people with – so many to read and not enough time! Second, have you heard of Isagenix? Its a total-body nutritional cleanse that works at the cellular level, removing impurities & heavy metals, allowing the body to balance.

      John Anderson (the Mineral Man) has formulated shakes (Choc & Van)& a cleanse drink that puts back the minerals, adaptogens, vitamins via a unique enzyme process. I now have more energy, sounder sleep, smoother skin, elevated moods, almost no cravings (!) and have lost 28 lbs. I invite you to see the results at http://www.weightlosshalloffame.net
      At last ~ something to counteract the toxicity – at least a little bit.