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    Trans Fats – Ban the Garbage

    By Mark Schauss | July 1, 2008

    Trans fats are about the most health damaging thing you can ingest short of poison. While it is coming out of a lot of foods, because of labeling laws, manufacturers can list 0 grams of trans fats but still have it in the food as long as it is less than .5 grams per serving. I want to thank Jolene Park for sending out her blog email (which all of you should subscribe to) about trans fats today. A link she included is for a website dedicated to banning trans fats.

    My mentor, John Kitkoski, told me many years ago that ingesting trans fats is like eating 10-40 motor oil. It is a picture that my mind could never forget so it was easy for me to never get into eating food made with the garbage. If you are going to do one thing to improve your health today it should be to eliminate trans fats from your diet completely.

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